Service Tips and FAQ

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Problem with your BMW? Time for your next scheduled maintenance? Schedule an appointment directly by calling our Service Appointment Desk at 714-994-8100 now available 24 hours a day! Schedule an appointment online by signing in or registering to our online service appointment system above.

Service Hours:

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: closed

Model Year 91 and Older Model Year 92 - 98
(including 99 E36)
Model Year 99 & newer 
(except 99 E36)
Description of
Service Intervals
All mileages are approximate. Please see our Service Interval Lights section below for more detail on needed services for your vehicle.
7,500 miles 10,000 miles 15,000 miles Oil Service
15,000 miles 20,000 miles 30,000 miles Inspection I
22,500 miles 30,000 miles 45,000 miles Oil Service
30,000 miles 40,000 miles 60,000 miles Inspection II
37,500 miles 50,000 miles 75,000 miles Oil Service
45,000 miles 60,000 miles 90,000 miles Inspection I
52,500 miles 70,000 miles 105,000 miles Oil Service
60,000 miles 80,000 miles 120,000 miles Inspection II
67,500 miles 90,000 miles 135,000 miles Oil Service
75,000 miles 100,000 miles 150,000 miles Inspection I
82,500 miles 110,000 miles 165,000 miles Oil Service
90,000 miles 120,000 miles 180,000 miles Inspection II
97,500 miles 130,000 miles 195,000 miles Oil Service
105,000 miles 140,000 miles 210,000 miles Inspection I
112,500 miles 150,000 miles 225,000 miles Oil Service
120,000 miles 160,000 miles 240,000 miles Inspection II
127,500 miles 170,000 miles 255,000 miles Oil Service
135,000 miles 180,000 miles 270,000 miles Inspection I
142,500 miles 190,000 miles 285,000 miles Oil Service
150,000 miles 200,000 miles 300,000 miles Inspection II

BMW Service Intervals

Up to five green lights illuminate depending on vehicle use since new or last maintenance. Reduction of illuminated green lights is a countdown for the next service due.

Normal Conditions

Normal Conditions All green lights are off and only the yellow light is illuminated along with the "Oil Service" sign, alerting you that oil service is necessary.

Oil Service Alert

Oil Service Alert All green lights are off and only the yellow light is illuminated along with the "Inspection" sign, alerting you that this service is necessary.

Inspection Service Alert

Inspection Service Alert The red light will illuminate along with the yellow one to serve as a warning that service is overdue; and in the interest of read safety and reliability, avoid driving your BMW. Schedule an appointment immediately.

Overdue Inspection Service Alert

Overdue Inspection Service Alert The Service Interval Indicator continually evaluates your BMW's actual performance condition and accurately determines when your car requires service. In most instances this will mean fewer service visits, since maintenance is needed only when your BMW calls for it.

Oil Service Advanced technology calculates the optimum service interval. When service is due, an oil service or inspection message will appear along with the remaining miles

Inspection Should your vehicle surpass the recommended service interval, a negative sign ("–") will appear adjacent to the remaining distance. In the event your BMW travels considerably less than 6,200 miles (10,000 km) annually, the oil should still be changed once a year, as it will age despite infrequent usage.

Oil Service

Service Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I schedule and service appointment for my BMW?

A: Scheduling an appointment is very easy you. You May:

  1. 1. Call our Appointment Hotline toll free at 714.994.8100 or
  2. 2. Visit our website which is available to you 24/7. Click on the Top Navigation bar: SERVICE>SCHEDULE A SERVICE APPOINTMENT

Q: How do I find out the status of my serviced vehicle?

A: There are 3 ways to check our vehicle's status:

  1. 1. Email the Service Advisor handling your service repair.
  2. 2. Contact your Service Advisor on his/her directline.
  3. 3. You find their email and phone by clicking on the Top Navigation bar: SERVICE>SERVICE TEAM

Call our Service Receptionists at 714-249-2311. A Shelly BMW agent will happy to assist you.

Q: Why should I service my BMW with Shelly BMW service department?

A: Our Service Team is committed to exceed our customer's expectation. We know your time is valueable and we promise to get your BMW repaired quickly and correctly the first time. Unlike other dealerships, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Q: Do you offer BMW loaner cars or non BMW loaners?

A: YES. If your car requires a minimum of 3 service labor hours, you qualify to receive a complimentary loaner vehicle. Unlike other BMW dealerships, at Shelly BMW, we are proud to offer both BMW and non-BMW loaner cars. Depending on the demand, you will be placed in a BMW or a Hertz rental car. We strongly suggest that you contact our Service Appointment Desk Hotline at 714.994.8100 to reserve your loaner vehicle or address this with your Service Advisor upon arrival if you are a Walk-in customer.

Q: What amenities do you provide while I’m waiting for my car to be serviced?

A: We provide the following complimentary amenities while you wait

  • - Free Wireless Internet
  • - Courtesy Shuttle Service
  • - Free Gourmet Pastries and Refreshments
  • - Cable TV
  • - Children’s PlayCenter
  • - Complimentary Car Wash with Service Repair
  • - 110% Customer Satisfaction

Centrally located within 15 mins from most cities in Los Angeles and Orange County.

If you have quesitons after your service repair, please contact our service client care representative at 714-249-2311 and they will be glad to assist you.

Shelly BMW

  • 6750 Auto Center Drive
  • Buena Park, CA 90621

  • New Car Sales: 888-806-0476
  • Pre-Owned Sales: 888-806-0476
  • Schedule Service: 888-690-2439
  • Service: 888-624-7282
  • Parts: 888-489-4726

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